Wash Berries - the environmentally positive way to clean your clothes

Used for centuries across the globe, Wash Berries are organic dried fruit shells that are more effective at cleaning your clothes than traditional laundry detergents. This 100% natural product is not only tough on stains but also hypoallergenic, so it’s great for your skin - especially those of us with sensitive skin or allergies.

The even better news is that Wash Berries cost less per wash than traditional laundry detergents (£0.13 per wash) and they are phosphate and chemical free - so they’re great for the environment too!

It’s hard to believe that one product can be economical, effective, kind to your clothes and skin and also environmentally positive. But, if you’re bold enough to try Wash Berries in your washing machine, you’ll see for yourself why so many other people are changing the way they wash their clothes forever.

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Wash Berries are a fantastic natural laundry detergent because they are:

  • Organic - a sustainable crop from tropical regions
  • Hypoallergenic - perfect for babies and people with sensitive skin
  • Tough on stains - highly efficient with a natural odour neutraliser
  • Phosphate free - no nasty waste products
  • Re-usable - you get 3 or 4 washes from the same Wash Berries, which works out at £0.13 per wash
  • Natural softener - no need to add other products to your wash
  • Biodegradable - compostable after use


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